Garden Street Mews Opens to the Public – Hoboken’s First Pedestrian Mall, Second in New Jersey

Hoboken, NJ - Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Mayor Dawn Zimmer joined president of Bijou Properties Larry Bijou, Freeholder Anthony Romano, Councilwoman Beth Mason, architect Dean Marcheto, Councilman Ravi Bhalla, and Councilwoman Jen Giattino for the opening of Garden Street Mews – Hoboken’s first pedestrian street, and only the second in New Jersey. Garden Street Mews is located on Garden Street between 14th and 15th Streets.

“It’s because of progressive initiatives like this pedestrian mall that Hoboken was just recognized as one of the most walk-friendly communities in the country,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “People love to live in and visit Hoboken because it’s a great place to walk, and making our City even more pedestrian friendly is good for families and good for businesses. Our streets are by far the largest public space we have, and the Garden Street Mews is a reminder that we need to think of them as true shared space that improves the lives of all our residents.”

The street bed at Garden Street Mews has been remade with authentic cobblestones over a century old. A row of street trees are planted off center in the road bed providing a park-like setting and access for emergency vehicles with areas set aside for market displays. Landscaping, street lighting, and street furniture complete the design.

“It was apparent that the Mews could not only serve as an open space for residents, but and also act as a conduit for pedestrian traffic to the new 5 acre City Park System along Hoboken Cove,” explained Larry Bijou. “Open space is important for everyone, particularly in urban environments. We are looking forward to the Garden Street Mews growing into a place where people can meet, interact and enjoy the outdoors.”

Bijou Properties plans to make good use of the space by attracting community events such as art shows and farmers markets as well as other civic activities.

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