City of Hoboken Explores Creating Regional Performing Arts Center

Hoboken, NJ - Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

The City of Hoboken will be evaluating the feasibility of creating a large performing arts center near Hoboken Terminal. If the idea has community support and is deemed to be economically feasible, the City will include the construction of the center in the negotiation of the Redevelopment Agreement with the designated redeveloper of the property owned by New Jersey Transit.

“With almost unparalleled access to mass transit, southeast Hoboken could be the ideal place for a regional performing arts center for music, theater, dance, and more,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “Along with the resurgence of the Monroe Arts Center, the preservation of Neumann Leathers through a proposed Rehabilitation Plan, and the construction of Mile Square Theatre’s new facility next to the Viaduct, the Hoboken community is demonstrating its commitment to artists and the arts.”

The Hoboken Yard Redevelopment Plan adopted by the City Council in December, 2014 requires that the developer build and provide space for a 23,000 square foot indoor public space along the eastern end of Observer Highway. That space may include a variety of uses, including performance space.

The City of Hoboken has various smaller-scale venues but currently does not have large-scale performing arts space, and residents seeking entertainment options must often travel outside of Hudson County. The Hudson County Master Plan calls for “the development of a performing arts center to provide a source of entertainment and to meet the needs of local performing artists.”

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