Hoboken to Enhance Bicycle Network with $530,000 NJDOT Grant

Hoboken, NJ - Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

River Street bike lane
The New Jersey Department of Transportation has awarded the City of Hoboken a $530,000 Transportation Alternatives Grant for the City’s bicycle network. The grant will allow the City to stripe nearly 15 miles of dedicated bike lanes and shared bike lanes in long-lasting thermoplastic paint.

“With the launch of our bike share program and significant pedestrian safety improvements coming this spring, the relaunch of our Hop system with new buses, and the expansion and improvement of our bicycle network thanks to this grant, Hoboken is providing a variety of safer, healthier, and greener transportation options for our community,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “Bike lanes don’t just benefit bikes – they have traffic calming benefits that make streets safer for everyone and are one part of an overall transportation approach to make getting around Hoboken safer and more convenient for those who walk, bike, take public transportation, and drive.”

Once implemented, 75% of municipal roadways in Hoboken will have either bike lanes or shared lane markings. Most Hoboken bike lanes are currently striped in standard traffic marking paint, which requires frequent re-painting. Thermoplastic is much more reflective than paint, so bike lanes will be more visible at night. The City will also realize cost savings on maintenance since thermoplastic has a life expectancy up to 8 times longer than paint.

“Hoboken continues to be the example all other municipalities should follow in its efforts to reduce congestion, decrease carbon emissions and improve connectivity with alternate modes of transportation,” said Jay DiDomenico, Director of the Hudson Transportation Management Association. “Hoboken’s continuing dedication to expanding bike lanes improves mobility and furthers its reputation as a healthy and progressive community.”

“I am so excited by the interest and efforts taken by our City’s administration over the past few years to clearly support not just multi-modal transportation options, but to focus on enabling safe bicycling throughout the Mile Square City,” said Brian Wagner, lead advocate for Bike Hoboken. “The result of all the infrastructural enhancements has enabled the rapid and continued growth of bicycles as a means of reliable, efficient and zero-carbon transportation. The proof can be seen each and every weekday morning, with legions of residents riding bicycles as part of their daily commute to work. Now you can find hundreds of bikes locked up daily to the many bike racks at the PATH station. Since the inception of our bike lane program, residents have taken to using bikes more and more to commute about Hoboken, to tend to their chores, to transport their children to one of our many schools, to enjoy a meal at one of our many restaurants and best of all to enjoy the jewel of the city, our award winning waterfront via a protected bike lane. This grant will enable Hoboken to further enhance the growing network of bike lanes, ensuring greater safety for our residents and many visitors who ride their own bike or start using our new bike share bikes. Either way, come visit and ride Hoboken.”

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