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Hoboken Shade Tree Commission
Our Vision: 4,000 Healthy Street Trees by 2020

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Diana Davis

Hours: M – F, 9 am – 4 pm
Phone: (201) 927-8395
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Trees in the Ground!

The mission of the Shade Tree Commission is to help develop, promote, sustain and regulate an effective and safe shade tree program that benefits Hoboken’s trees and consequently benefits the environmental, economic and social well being of City residents.

The Commission will help sustain healthy populations of trees on City and County streets by pursuing the removal and replacement of all damaged, dead, hazardous or diseased trees, and the pruning of existing trees to foster their health and longevity.

In addition, the Commission will communicate to residents and businesses in the City the need to protect and maintain each and every tree. This will be accomplished through education programs and specific projects in Hoboken.

Finally, the Commission will promote the addition of as many new trees as possible consistent with the need to insure that they are installed properly and maintained to extend their life.



HSTC on the Move

EarthDay1Can You Dig It? – In 2013 the HSTC managed an exceptionally popular Street Tree Planting Program. 37 trees were planted in 2013 with an additional 100 trees scheduled for 2014.

Block by Block – HSTC Beautifies Washington Street -– The HSTC led the project design improvements of the trees and tree pits on the 200 block of Washington Street. Keep a watch for the continuation on the 300 and 400 blocks of Washington Street in 2014. This project will be considered as part of the Washington Street Complete Streets Redesign Community Workshops.

Who’s that Tree? – The HSTC has developed a complete inventory of all trees in the City. The database also served to document damage from Hurricane Sandy.

In The Pits – Volunteers from the Stevens Institute of Technology along with The Shade Tree Commission added mulch to all 170 tree pits along Washington Street from Observer Highway to 15th Street and also assisted in a public education campaign on how to properly maintain the tree pits

Earth Day 2013 – A Weeping Willow tree was planted at Church Square Park to replace a tree lost to Hurricane Sandy


The City of Hoboken will have 4,000 healthy, well maintained trees on City and County streets by 2020, a 33-percent increase from the approximately 3,000 in 2013.

The Vision will be accomplished through the efforts of the Shade Tree Commission, the Department of Environmental Services, the Mayor, City Council, business partners and community volunteers.



Commission Members

Name Title Appointment Expiration Term
Ken Missbrenner  Commissioner Dec. 14, 2017 Dec. 31, 2021 Five Years
vacant  2nd Alternate Jan. , 2016 Dec. 31, 2020 Five Years
Peter Bakarich, III Commissioner Dec. 14, 2017 Dec. 31, 2021 Five Years
Jeffrey Pilot 1st Alternate Dec. 14, 2017 Dec. 31, 2021 Five Years
Peter Cossio Commissioner Jan. 07, 2014 Dec. 31, 2018 Five Years
Diana Davis Commissioner Jan. 07, 2014 Dec. 31, 2018 Five Years
Amy Sommer Commissioner Jan. 04, 2016 Dec. 31, 2020 Five Years

Commission Meetings

The Commission typically meets on the second Monday of every month at 7 pm in the City Hall ground floor conference room near the Newark street entrance. Members of the public are welcome. Meeting Dates for 2017

Commission Documents

Information pertaining to the upcoming Commission meeting will be posted two (2) days prior to the relevant meeting and can also be obtained from secretary Daisy Amado or contact him: 201-420-2059. In order to download the documents below, you will need to download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat

Month Agendas Minutes Month Agendas Minutes
January July
February August
March September
April October
May November
June December
Month Agendas Minutes Month Agendas Minutes
January 1/09/17  1/9/17 July  7/10/17  7/10/17
February 2/3/17
 2/13/17 August 8/14/17  8/14/17
March 3/3/17  3/3/17 September 9/11/17  9/11/17
April 4/6/17 October 10/10/17 10/10/17
May 5/8/17  5/8/17 November 11/13/17  11/13/17
June 6/12/17


Month Agendas Minutes Month Agendas Minutes
January 1/11/16  1/11/16 July 7/11/16   7/11/16
February 2/8/16  2/8/16 August 8/8/16  8/8/16
March 3/14/16  3/14/16 September 9/12/16
April 4/11/16  4/11/16 October 10/6/16  10/13/16
May 5/9/16  5/9/16 November 11/14/16
June 6/13/16 December 12/12/16 cancelled
Month Agendas Minutes Month Agendas Minutes
January July
February 2/12/15 2/10/15 August 8/10/15 8/10/15 
March 3/09/15 3/10/15 September 9/14/15 9/14/15
April 4/13/15 4/10/15 October 10/13/15 10/13/15
May 5/11/15 5/11/15 November 11/17/15 11/17/15
June 6/8/15 6/8/15 December 12/21/15 |12/28/15
Month Agendas Minutes Month Agendas Minutes
January July
February 2/10/2014 2/10/2014 August 8/11/2014
March 3/10/14 3/10/2014 September 9/22/2014  9/22/14
April 4/10/14 4/10/2014 October 10/20/2014 10/20/2014
May 5/12/14 5/12/2014 November 11/10/2014  11/10/2014
June December 12/8/14  12/8/14.
Month Agendas Minutes Month Agendas Minutes
January 1/14/2013 1/14/2013 July 7/08/2013 7/08/2013
February 2/11/2013 2/11/2013 August 8/12/2013 8/12/2013
March 3/11/2013 3/11/2013 September 9/9/2013 9/9/2013
April 4/08/2013 Meeting Cancelled October 10/21/2013 10/21/13
May 5/13/2013 5/13/2013 November 11/18/2013 11/18/13 
June 6/10/2013 6/10/2013 December 12/9/2013 12/9/13

Click here for meeting documents from previous years.