Parking News

PSE&G to Begin Milling and Paving Repair Work

Updated paving schedule for Thursday, May 12th:

• Park Ave (6th St – 11th St)

(no milling work scheduled for Thursday)

Updated milling schedule for Wednesday, May 11th:

• Park Ave (6th St – 11th St)
• Clinton St (6th St – 7th St)
• 7th St (Clinton St – Garden St)

PSE&G will begin the third phase of milling and paving work to repair trenches created during the installation of new gas mains as part of the Energy Strong program. The Energy Strong project replaced 31,000 linear feet of low pressure old cast iron mains in or near flood areas with new plastic pipe which operate at a higher pressure that prevents water from entering mains, increasing the reliability of gas service. A fourth phase of milling and paving will take place in the near future.

Parking will be prohibited on both sides of the street during milling and paving. Milling is scheduled to take place Monday, May 9th through Wednesday, May 11th, weather permitting, on the following streets:

Monday, May 9th
• Garden St (6th St – 9th St)
• 9th St (Garden St – Clinton St)

Tuesday, May 10th
• Park Ave (6th St – 11th St)

Wednesday, May 11th
• Grand St (5th St – 6th St)
• Clinton St (6th St – 7th St)
• 7th St (Clinton St – Garden St)
• Both ends of Willow Terrace beyond cobblestone

Paving is scheduled to take place from Thursday, May 12th through Monday, May 16th, weather permitting, on the following streets:

Thursday, May 12th
• Park Ave (6th St – 11th St) – weather permitting

Friday, May 13th
• Garden St (6th St – 9th St)
• 9th St (Garden St – Clinton St)

Monday, May 16th
• Grand St (5th St – 6th St)
• Clinton St (6th St -7th St)
• 7th St (Clinton St – Garden St)
• Both ends of Willow Terrace beyond cobblestone

Please note that the schedule is tentative and subject to change.

On Earth Day Weekend, Hoboken Pilots Temporary Connection in Waterfront Walkway Gap

Sinatra Drive Runners

Beginning on Earth Day, Friday, April 22nd, and throughout the rest of the weekend, the City of Hoboken will temporarily complete the largest remaining gap in the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway adjacent to Union Dry Dock with a protected multiuse path. The path along Sinatra Drive will begin near the skate park and extend to the intersection with Sinatra Drive North for use by pedestrians and bicyclists, similar to most of the existing waterfront walkway.

In addition, Hudson Bike Share will offer a “Ride for Earth, Ride for Free” day on Saturday, April 23rd. After registering for a free account at or through the nextbike mobile app, riders will be able to take an unlimited number of free 30 minute rides all day. Upon registration, a debit or credit card will be required in case of overages or bicycle damage. A $1 deposit to confirm validity of the card will be available for future purchases or refunded if unused in the first two weeks.

Bike Hoboken, Don’t Sit Home, and Hudson Bike Share are partnering for a group ride on Saturday, April 23rd to take advantage of Hudson Bike Share’s “Ride for Earth, Ride for Free” day and the completed waterfront path. For event information, visit

The Hudson River Waterfront Walkway is envisioned as a continuous 18.5 mile multiuse waterfront corridor from Bayonne to the George Washington Bridge. Major sections of the walkway in Hoboken have been completed in recent years including the connection at Weehawken Cove, the reconstruction of Sinatra Park, and a segment adjacent to the Stevens Institute of Technology lot. The last major uncompleted segment in Hoboken is along a section of industrial waterfront owned by Union Dry Dock. In this area, a very narrow sidewalk is shared by thousands of people who enjoy the waterfront.

The temporary multiuse path will occupy the parking lane on the east side of Sinatra Drive from the skate park to Sinatra Drive North and will be delineated with barricades and cones.


Free Bike Share Memberships Available for Hoboken Housing Authority Residents

Residents of the Hoboken Housing Authority and recipients of Section 8 housing vouchers who live in Hoboken are invited to apply for a free Hudson Bike Share annual membership. Thanks to the support of program sponsors, 100 free memberships are being provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

“We know that lower-income households make up the majority of bicycle riders, but they are often under-represented among bike share programs,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “With stations located in every neighborhood and free and discounted memberships available, we are making equity and access key priorities of the Hudson Bike Share system.”

Residents can apply online at or in person at the HHA main office at 400 Harrison Street. After applying, Hudson Bike Share will confirm residency with the Hoboken Housing Authority. Yearly members are entitled to unlimited 45 minute rentals. A map of station locations is available at

Once all free memberships have been distributed, discounted memberships at a rate of $60 per year will remain available for all residents of the Hoboken Housing Authority and Hoboken recipients of Section 8 vouchers.

Hudson Bike Share is a bike share program with 27 stations and 250 bicycles sponsored by Carepoint Health, Bijou Properties, SUEZ North America, Zipcar, Investors Bank, and Keller Williams City Life Realty.

Hoboken Asks Commuters to Plan for Travel Delays During Possible Rail Stoppage Starting March 13


The City of Hoboken has been coordinating with NJ Transit and other agencies in preparation for a possible strike by NJ Transit rail workers beginning on Sunday, March 13, 2016. A strike would result in the complete suspension of all NJ Transit rail service which is expected to result in significant disruptions throughout the region’s transportation system. PATH, NY Waterway, and NJ Transit bus and Hudson-Bergen Light Rail would continue to operate, with the rerouting of the NJ Transit 126 bus route to Hoboken Terminal. In the case of a work stoppage, NJ Transit will implement a contingency plan that would accommodate about 38% of NY-bound passengers. For details on the plan, visit
While all commuters should plan for travel delays, for the least disruptive commute to New York, riders should consider traveling via ferries or along the Hoboken to World Trade Center PATH line.

NJ Transit 126 Bus Route
To avoid major commuting delays due to traffic congestion and delays at the Lincoln Tunnel, NJ Transit 126 bus customers are urged to commute to Manhattan via ferry or PATH service. The 126 bus route in Hoboken will operate on a reverse routing on weekday mornings, beginning at Willow Avenue and 19th Street and operating south to Hoboken Terminal via Willow Avenue and Washington Street for cross honoring with PATH and ferry service. During evening commutes, the bus route will go from Hoboken Terminal to Willow Avenue and 19th Street via Clinton Street and Washington Street. The 126 bus route will not travel to or from the Port Authority Bus Terminal during the week. Weekend service will operate on its regular route to/from New York.

Hoboken Terminal Area Traffic Restrictions
To facilitate increased bus traffic and temporary staging areas for bus loading in the Hoboken Terminal area and for the safety of the anticipated increase in pedestrian traffic, only buses, registered private shuttles, and emergency vehicles will be permitted to enter the Hoboken Terminal area. Taxis and personal vehicles will not be permitted. Vehicles will not be permitted to travel east of Washington Street at Observer Highway, south of 2nd Street on Hudson Street, or south of 1st Street on River Street. First Street will remain open.

Update on Observer Highway Repaving Project

Observer Highway before after

Last week, the contractor hired by Hudson County for the Observer Highway repaving project completed the paving of Observer Highway from Hudson Street to just west of Henderson Street. The project contract runs through April 2016, and additional work to complete the project is ongoing.

What is the purpose of the project?
Between 2010 and 2012, there were an average of 37 crashes per year along Observer Highway, making it one of the most dangerous roads in Hoboken. The project is designed to reduce the high crash rate, improve traffic conditions, and improve pedestrian safety.

When will the new traffic lights be activated?
The new signals are a key component of optimizing traffic conditions. New traffic signals have been installed at Bloomfield Street and Park Avenue, and outdated signals at Henderson Street, Willow Avenue, and Washington Street were replaced with modern signals. Wiring and activation of the new signals is underway and is expected to be completed in the next four weeks. Until the new signals are activated, the existing traffic signal at Observer Highway and Henderson Street/Marin Boulevard will be adjusted to allow for more efficient traffic flow. Police officers will be on hand on Monday to observe conditions and assist with the flow of traffic during peak periods if needed.

How will the changes affect traffic?
Once the new traffic signals are activated and the old signals are deactivated and removed, the timing of all signals will be optimized and coordinated to improve traffic conditions, particularly during peak hours. A detailed traffic analysis has been conducted indicating that travel times will be improved as a result of the roadway redesign.

The creation of dedicated left turn lanes will remove turning vehicles from through traffic, reducing backups and rear-end crashes and improving the efficiency and capacity of the roadway. Traffic cameras at intersections will activate left turn phases based on traffic volumes. Combined with the optimization of signal timing, average wait times at Observer Highway/Henderson Street are estimated to be reduced by 78% during the morning peak and by 59% during the evening peak.

When will the striping be completed?
Striping, including crosswalks, parking lanes, and dedicated turning lanes, is expected to be completed by the end of next week.

When will parking be permitted on Observer Highway?
Parking is currently permitted on the north side of Observer Highway for those with a valid Resident Parking Permit. Parking will be permitted on the south side of Observer Highway for those with a Resident Parking Permit once striping is completed in the days ahead. Those without permits or with other types of permits (business, visitor, etc) may not park along Observer Highway.

How does the project improve pedestrian safety?
Prior to the project, there was only one pedestrian crossing along Observer Highway between Washington Street and Henderson Street (at Willow Avenue), road crossings were considerably longer, and there was no protected sidewalk between Observer Highway and Newark street to the east of the firehouse. The project added pedestrian countdown timers to all signalized intersections (which will be active when the new signals are activated), high visibility crosswalks at all intersections with reduced crossing distances, new concrete pedestrian islands and ADA curb ramps, and created a new sidewalk on the north side of the intersection with Henderson Street, providing safe haven for pedestrians walking on the south side of Newark Street.

When will Vezzetti Way be paved?
The priority for the project was to complete paving of Observer Highway prior to the cold weather when paving is no longer possible. To date, Vezzetti Way has been partially paved and a 25 foot portion of Bloomfield Street also remains unpaved. The contractor is required to complete the project by April 2016. Striping of the pedestrian/bicycle path will take place once paving of Vezzetti Way is complete.

Hoboken Offers Free Parking For Holiday Shoppers

Washington Street
To encourage local shopping this holiday season, the City of Hoboken is offering up to 4 hours of free garage parking in municipal garages B (28 2nd St), D (215 Hudson St), and Midtown (371 4th St) every Saturday and Sunday from December 5, 2015 through January 3, 2016 and every day from December 21 through December 25 for visitors who come to Hoboken to shop or dine. Parking meters are free on Sundays.

“Hoboken is a great place to shop, dine, and enjoy this holiday season,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “There are so many ways to get here by public transportation, and for those who drive, we have convenient options including valet parking and free garages for holiday shoppers.”

To receive up to 4 hours of free garage parking, visitors must present to the parking attendant receipts totaling at least $25 from any Hoboken business(es) during these hours. Any time beyond 4 hours will be charged at the regular rate.

As another convenient parking option, valet parking is available year-round for a flat rate of $15 on Fridays (7pm-3am), Saturdays (11am-3am), and Sundays (11am-8pm) at three locations: 58 3rd Street (between Washington St & Hudson St), 76 River Street, and 525 Sinatra Drive.

Hoboken Police Department to Expand Bicycle Education and Enforcement Initiative

HPD Bike Patrol
The Hoboken Police Department’s Waterfront and Parks Unit bicycle patrol officers and Traffic Bureau will soon begin the next phase of its bicycle education and enforcement campaign. In prior months, the Police Department focused efforts on bicycle deliveries, leading to a major decrease in complaints received regarding bicycle deliveries over the summer.

State law grants bicyclists all the rights and duties of motor vehicle drivers and requires them to follow all state and local automobile driving laws. City code permits bicycles on sidewalks, however bicyclists must always yield to pedestrians and ride no faster than pedestrian walking speed. State law also requires those under 17 to wear a helmet. Police officers on bicycles will focus education and enforcement efforts on those who are riding recklessly on sidewalks, riding the wrong way on one-way streets, and ignoring red lights and stop signs. The Police Department and Parking Utility will also enforce illegal parking that obstructs bicycle lanes which creates safety hazards by forcing bicyclists into traffic.

“With the increase in bicycling in Hoboken, kids back at school, and the upcoming launch of a bike share program, we want to remind the community about the rules of the road and make sure that everyone is riding safely,” said Hoboken Police Chief Ken Ferrante. “Every officer in our Waterfront and Parks Unit patrols on bike, understands the challenges faced by bicyclists and all road users, and will be using a common sense approach to educate riders and enforce rules to ensure everyone’s safety.”

In the spring, the Police Department met with restaurants that conduct food deliveries by bicycle to educate them about bicycle rules. Delivery riders were also provided with reflective vests for added visibility at night. The Hudson Bike Share program will advise riders to dismount and walk their bicycle if they need to use the sidewalk.

Update: PSE&G to Continue Milling & Paving Repair Work

Update: REMINDER: PSE&G has begun the second phase of milling and paving work to repair trenches created during the installation of new gas mains as part of the Energy Strong program. The project is replacing 31,000 linear feet of low pressure old cast iron mains in or near flood areas with new plastic pipe which operate at a higher pressure that prevents water from entering mains, increasing the reliability of gas service.

Parking will be prohibited on both sides of the street during milling and paving work. Please note that the following schedule is weather-permitting and subject to change:

Monday, August 31, 2015
Park Avenue (11th St to 14th St)
Monroe St (6th St to 8th St)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015
Monroe St (6th St to 8th St)
6th St (Jackson St to Willow Ave)
6th St (Hudson St to Bloomfield St)

Wednesday September 2, 2015
6th St (Bloomfield St to Willow Ave)
Willow Ave (6th St to 11th St)
12th St (Bloomfield St to Willow Ave)

Thursday September 3, 2015
Park Ave (11th St to 14th St)
Garden St (11th St to 14th St)
13th St (Bloomfield St to Willow Ave)
14th St (Washington St to Willow Ave)


PSE&G will begin the second phase of milling and paving work to repair trenches created during the installation of new gas mains as part of the Energy Strong program. Work on additional streets will be announced in the near future. Parking will be prohibited on both sides of the street during milling and paving.

Milling is scheduled to take place August 26, 2015 through August 28, 2015, weather permitting, on the following streets:

• 6th St from Jackson St to Hudson St
• Willow Ave from 6th St to 11th St
• Garden St from 11th St to 14th St
• 12th St from Bloomfield St to Willow Ave
• 13th St from Bloomfield St to Garden St
• 14th St from Washington St to Willow Ave

PSE&G is working to complete repairs on these roads prior to the start of the school year. Temporary No Parking signs are posted on these streets for August 26th through August 28th. Once milling work is completed on a street, the No Parking signs on that street will be taken down and parking will be permitted on that street.

Paving of these streets is scheduled to take place the week of August 31, 2015. The schedule is weather permitting and subject to change.

Hoboken Announces Corner Cars Transition Information

In the days ahead, the City of Hoboken will be transitioning operations of the Corner Cars on-street car sharing program from Hertz 24/7 to the new system operator, Zipcar.

Today, August 27, 2015 is the last day that members can make reservations for Hertz 24/7 vehicles located in Hoboken. All Hertz 24/7 vehicles will be off the street by August 31st.

On September 1st, Zipcar will be striping and installing signage at the on-street car sharing locations, and some Zipcar vehicles within the Corner Cars program will be available starting on September 2nd.

Zipcar currently has an additional 30 vehicles available now for reservation by community members. To join, visit

Further details on how to transition from Hertz to Zipcar are forthcoming. However, if any Hertz members would like to change their membership to Zipcar immediately, please email

Hoboken Announces Pre-Sale for Next-Generation Bike Share System


Hudson Bike Share Sponsored by CarePoint, Suez North America, Bijou Properties, Zipcar, Investors Bank & Keller Williams City Life Realty
Early membership discount available starting today; System to Launch in September

The City of Hoboken, in partnership with Bike and Roll, nextbike, E3Think, and P3 Global Management, is announcing the pre-sale for Hudson Bike Share, a Hoboken-based regional bike share program, in advance of the planned launch in September. Beginning today, residents and visitors can immediately register for annual memberships by visiting or through the nextbike mobile application. Annual memberships purchased before the launch will cost just $75 – a $20 discount off of the regular $95 annual fee.

The first phase of the program will feature 250 bicycles with next-generation “smart-bike” technology and 29 official stations in Hoboken. Users may ride anywhere within or outside of Hoboken during their rental. In addition to the 29 official stations within Hoboken, this first-of-its-kind program will permit riders to connect to regional transportation options and make longer visits to neighboring areas by allowing them to return and rent bikes from several locations outside of Hoboken without added fees. Thanks to on-board GPS technology and an integrated cable lock, riders will not be charged a fee for returning bikes to any legal bicycle rack within designated ‘Regional No Fee Zones’ outside of Hoboken. Bicycles that are not returned to official stations will be charged a $10 fee within Hoboken and $25 fee outside of Hoboken, with the exception of designated Regional No Fee Zones.

“We look forward to launching this cutting edge, next-generation bike share system which we believe represents the future of urban mobility,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “Whether it’s part of your commute, to run errands, or just for recreation, bike sharing will provide a healthy and sustainable option to get around Hoboken and our area. Bike sharing should be accessible and affordable to everyone, and with 29 stations throughout our mile square city, no resident will be more than a 3 to 5 minute walk from a station. Thanks to the support of our sponsors, we will also be providing free and discounted memberships to residents of the Hoboken Housing Authority. And through a partnership with the Hoboken Shelter, we will be providing training and creating jobs to help some of our homeless residents gain employment and become more independent.”

The program will be operated by Bike and Roll, the largest bike rental company in the United States, and will use bicycle technology manufactured by nextbike, which has the largest international bike sharing network with over 25,000 bicycles in more than 80 cities in 15 countries.