Hoboken Terminal & Yard Redevelopment Plan

Hoboken Yards Redevelopment Plan

The Hoboken Yards area was declared an Area in Need of Redevelopment in February 2007. In 2008, the City had New Jersey Transit, the owner of the property, prepare a plan that ended up with a total development square footage that was, in the end, determined not reflective of the character of Hoboken and was not adopted.


In 2011, the City decided to prepare a redevelopment plan for the site that was driven by the City, and hired the planning consultant Wallace Roberts Todd to prepare that plan. The planning process included significant community input and consensus building activities, including surveys, community meetings, stakeholder meetings, and input from the property owner. Following that extensive community-driven design process, the City completed a draft plan in September 2012. Before the draft plan could be adopted, Super Storm Sandy hit and there were additional issues that needed to be considered. The City incorporated additional measures into the plan to address flood damage prevention and the added costs to the implementation of the plan. The City conducted an updated economic analysis to consider the post-Sandy flood mitigation measures to make the plan more resilient and sustainable, and the Redevelopment Plan was amended accordingly and adopted in December 2014.


The Redevelopment Plan will create a true mixed-use project that will significantly diversify the local economy, support local businesses, revitalize the Hoboken Terminal area and Observer Highway–an essential gateway to Hoboken. In addition to the flood mitigation measures required in the plan, the plan includes indoor public space, minimum requirements for 3-bedroom family-oriented housing units, a 10% affordable housing set aside to enable families to stay in Hoboken, a variety of public spaces including a pedestrian plaza at Hudson Place and Warrington Plaza, and bicycle paths connecting a redesigned Observer Boulevard to the waterfront. The plan also requires a contribution to the open space trust fund to facilitate building additional park space in Hoboken.



The public is invited to view the plan, presentation of the plan, economic analysis, and overview of changes compared to the 2012 draft plan: