Neumann Leathers Redevelopment Plan


Neumann Leathers Redevelopment Plan (Adopted 12-16-15)


Through a community process, and working closely with the City Council subcommittee, the City of Hoboken worked with Maser Consulting to prepare a redevelopment plan for the Neumann Leather area, the property between Observer Highway and Newark Street from Willow Avenue to Grant Street. Among the goals of the plan is to preserve the historic Neumann Leather buildings and the artist community within it. This site was designated as an Area in Need of Rehabilitation initially in 2011 and reconfirmed in 2014.

The plan addresses the possibilities of adaptive reuse of buildings, needs for improving utilities, traffic around the site, and potential uses and density for development of the area. It also plans for the retention of industrial arts tenants in the major existing structures in order to maintain the jobs and business uses on site. To financially accommodate the renovation of those historically significant buildings and the continued occupancy for urban manufacturing and industrial arts tenants, the redevelopment plan allows for new residential development and structured parking on the part of the properties not already occupied by the substantial buildings that will remain for the urban manufacturing uses.

The City Council introduced an ordinance to adopt the Plan on November 4, 2015 and a resolution to refer the Plan to the Planning Board for the purpose of obtaining the report of the Board as to whether the Plan is substantially consistent with the municipal Master Plan or is designated to effectuate the Master Plan, and any recommendations regarding any other matters the Board deemed appropriate. The Planning Board reviewed the Plan at their November 10, 2015 meeting and transmitted a report to the City Council finding that the Redevelopment Plan: Neumann Leathers Rehabilitation Area dated October 15, 2015 was consistent with the City of Hoboken Master Plan and recommended certain revisions to the Plan. On December 2, 2015 the City Council reviewed the Planning Board report and agreed to certain revisions to the Plan, amending the draft and introducing the Redevelopment Plan: Neumann Leathers Rehabilitation Area dated December 2, 2015 at that meeting.

A public hearing and second reading on that ordinance to adopt the Redevelopment Plan: Neumann Leathers Rehabilitation Area dated December 2, 2015 was held at the December 16, 2015 City Council meeting. The plan was adopted on December 16, 2015.