Fitness Programs in the Parks


The following programs are free & do not require registration.

Fitness at Pier A Park
takes place Mondays at Pier A Park, First St. & Frank Sinatra Drive

Time: 7pm to 8pm, Free classes

Each week there will be an introductory class sponsored by a different local fitness establishment. Be sure to wear sneakers and loose fitting clothing. Bring your own mat if needed and water.

2015 Schedule:

May 11 – Local Barre: Open Barre. Our signature class is a fusion of ballet fundamentals, core conditioning, yoga & stretching. All levels. 201-710-5994;

May 18Krank: Strength & Conditioning. A combination of external load, bodyweight & conditioning movements. 201-253-0050. 

June 1 – GoRow Training Studio: GoRow Time! All levels. Half  rowing, half Rowing specific weight training, broken up into 3 rounds. With sport specific static stretching.  201-448-5769;

June 8 – CKO Kickboxing: CKO Fitness Kickboxing. Full-body, action-centered, fitness workout using real heavy bags. If rain, class held at 900 Madison St. 201-963-7774;

June 15 – Fitness Meets Dance Studio: Zumba Fitness. Hypnotic Latin & world rhythms with easy-to-follow moves. 551-221-1458;

June 22 – CrossFIT Hoboken: Fitness regime based on constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity.  If rain, class held at 38 Jackson St. 800-396-6705;

June 29 – Sassy Cap Dance N’ Fitness with Jeannine Severino  Zumba Fitness. Dance, fitness, cardio party with Latin rhythms.   (530) 723-6313;

July 6 – Mimi Yoga Core Yoga. Join studio owner Lisa Hanuka. Melt belly fat, tone and tighten your core and strengthen key back muscles. All levels. 201-222-1814;

July 13 – Brazen Athletics-Cross Fit Willow CrossFit. Varied workout comprised of functional movements performed at high intensity. 201-414-6262;

July 20 – Stroller Power Fitness Stroller fitness class with your baby in tow. Total body workout. If rain, class cancelled. 973-615-9960;

July 27 – Devotion Yoga: Open level yoga class. Rain date: Aug. 2nd at 6 PM.  201-610-9642;  

Aug. 3 – Phalanx: Bootcamp. Endurance training using mainly your body weight, partner, & team work. all levels. Modifications given. If rain, class held at 51 Harrison St. 201-284-9819;

Aug. 10 – Work It Out Fitness Studios Sweata Weatha. A bootcamp class.  If rain, class cancelled. 201-222-0802;

Aug. 17 – Power Flow Yoga: Hot Powerflow Vinayasa. Challenging flow form yoga incorporating strength, sweat, & spirit. 201-533-9642;

Aug. 24 – Intrepid: High intensity interval training. If rain, class held at 51 Harrison St. 201-942-1986;

Aug. 31 – FIT RxN: TRX Mashup. Your muscles will burn and sweat like never before! If rain, class held at 104 Hudson St. 2nd fl. 201-656-1986;


Fitness Under the 14th Street Viaduct 

takes place Wednesdays at 14th Street Viaduct bet Grand & Clinton St.

Time: 6:30pm to 7:30pm, Free classes

Each week there will be an introductory class sponsored by a different local fitness establishment. Be sure to wear sneakers and loose fitting clothing. Bring your own mat if needed and water.

2015 Schedule:

May 13 – Mimi Yoga

May 20 – CKO Kickboxing

May 27 – Brazen Athletics-Cross Fit Willow 

June 3 – Stroller Power Fitness

June 10 – Brazen Athletics-Cross Fit Willow

June 17 – Intrepid

June 24 – CKO Kickboxing

July 1 – FIT RxN

July 8 – Local Barre

July 15 – FIT RxN

July 22 – 35 Minute Bootcamp

July 29 – – Brazen Athletics-Cross Fit Willow

Aug 5 – 35 Minute Bootcamp

Aug 12 – Power Flow Yoga Hoboken: – a dynamic combination of strength, sweat & spirit. This accessible,  challenging & flowing form of yoga will sculpt, tone & hone your muscles & mind. Our practice encourages detoxification, deeper stretching & healing. Class open to all levels; modifications & variations offered.

Aug 19 – Devotion Yoga

Aug 26 – Phalanx


Zumba For Kids
Presented by Hudson Vibe Dance & Fitness
Featuring owner, Susan Pascale, aka Hudson Vibe Suz

Mondays – 10am to 10:30am – Free
Elysian Park, Hudson St. & 10th

June 8 – Zumbini –  Ages 0-3 yrs
Mommy & Me Movement & music by Zumba
Wiggle, sing & learn for the ultimate bonding experience.
Parent/Caregiver required. Rain date: June 15th

July 20 – Zumba Kids Jr. –  Ages 4-6 yrs
Dance n’ Play Party
Get silly, dream big & begin a journey to a healthy future. Rain date: July 27th

Aug. 3 – Zumba Kids –  Ages 7–12 yrs
Ultimate Kids’ Dance Party
Get loose & be yourself. Move to age appropriate music. Play games. Rain date: Aug. 10th

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The following program has a fee & requires
online registration:

Salsa in the Park
Presented by Fitness Meets Dance Studio

Fridays – 7pm-7:45pm – Sinatra Park, Sinatra bet. 4th & 5th
Two 4 week sessions at $25 per session. Registration required.

Advance Beginner: Aug. 7, 14, 21, 28

Learn fundamental skills: footwork, head, arm & body movement, salsa patterns & partner work. No partner needed.