Housing Inspection

Chief Housing Inspector: Joe Grossi

Hours: M – F, 9 am – 4 pm
Phone: (201) 420-2041
Fax: (201) 798-5983

The Division of Housing Inspection can be traced back to 1967 when the first inspectors working out of the Health Department helped enforce municipal housing codes. In 1970 our office partnered with The State of New Jersey to enforce multiple dwelling and hotel housing laws. Since then we have expanded our services to provide fire safety inspections for all non-life hazard units (housing units 6 stories or less) in the City of Hoboken. Taller buildings are referred to the Hoboken Fire Department.

In 1997 our division evolved once again, forming what is now known as the Division of Housing Inspection. At this time, our city adopted the New Jersey Regulations for Maintenance of Hotels and Multiple Dwellings Law by ordinance. This made our division responsible for ensuring that hotels and multiple-family buildings are properly maintained and do not pose a threat to the health, safety and welfare of their residents, or the community in general. This remains the mandate of this office.


  • Conduct five year cyclical inspection applicable housing units
  • Conduct Addendum inspections in respond to tenant and landlord complaints
  • Enforce the New Jersey Regulations for the Maintenance of Hotels and Multiple Dwellings
  • Enforce Subchapter 4 of the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code
  • Inspection of rent control units for substantial compliance certifications
  • Coordinated actions with the Board of Health, Office of Community Development, Fire Department and other government groups

“Through local code enforcement, Hoboken turned itself into the newest gem of the Jersey Gold Coast.” Joe Grossi, Chief Housing Inspector

Housing Safety Tips

Smoke and Carbon monoxide detectors save lives! Be sure that you test your device periodically and replace the batteries every six months. It helps to choose a specific day semi-annually.

As the temperature gets warmer, please be sure to install window guards to prevent youth accidents. These guards are easy to install and very effective.

In the Fall be sure to check your furnace for proper ventilation. This simple maintenance step can protect you and your family.

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