Hoboken Bike Share

On June 1, 2013, the City of Hoboken is launching a 25 bicycle pilot bike share program that will run through November 15, 2013. The program will be operated by Bike and Roll, the largest bicycle fleet operator in the country, and will use “smart bikes” created by Social Bicycles. To sign up, visit http://hoboken.socialbicycles.com.

Program membership is $15 per month or $75 for the full season through November 15, 2013. The program will initially be limited on a first-come first-served basis to 150 Hoboken residents to ensure sufficient bicycle availability. If there is sufficient capacity, additional participants, including non-residents, will be invited to join from the waiting list.

The program will be operated by Bike and Roll and will use custom bike-sharing bicycles manufactured by Social Bicycles (SoBi) which use a solar-powered GPS tracking system and can be locked to regular bike racks. After registering online, participants will be required to show proof of Hoboken residency and complete a brief 15 minute orientation in person at the Bike and Roll location, located on the waterfront walkway near Pier A, before their accounts are enabled. Participants will receive instruction in use of the system and an overview of applicable bicycle laws. Failure to follow all local and state bicycle rules and regulations will result in a revocation of membership without refund.

Participation in the program allows members to use the bicycles for one hour free each day. Any cumulative time beyond one hour per day is charged $10 per hour on a pro-rated basis.

Several virtual “hub” locations will be designated throughout Hoboken (see map below). Bicycles must be returned to these locations at the end of a trip. Bicycles left at other locations may be temporarily placed on “hold” by the user in order to later return the bicycle to a hub. The hold time counts against the one hour daily limit. Bikes can be found at hub locations and reserved from the web, mobile app or directly from the keypad on the bike.

While traditional bike sharing systems rely on expensive docking stations for storing bicycles, this more flexible approach that can use standard bicycle racks could be model for small and medium sized cities worldwide.

As this is a pilot program, participants are advised that all aspects of the program, including hub locations, are subject to change. The City and Bike and Roll will be collecting usage data during the pilot program and will make adjustments as needed. Through the pilot, the City seeks to collect the information necessary to implement a successful, full-scale bike-sharing program with approximately 300 bicycles.

Hoboken Bike Share Map 1

Hoboken Bike Share Map 2