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Parking information for Businesses, their employees, and customers

Whether you own a business or work in Hoboken, we want to make it easy for you and your customers to get out of the car…

Did you know that it usually takes more time to drive around looking for the “best” parking spot than to park in a municipal garage and walk a few blocks? That’s why we provide discounted “Park & Work Daily Debit” for our municipal parking garages so you can get out of the car as quickly as possible. The best part about using Park & Work Daily Debit is that at $5/12 hours, it’s cheaper than feeding the meter (which is illegal beyond the 2 hour daily maximum). Customers also get discounted or free parking in municipal garages with our “Park-and-Shop” program that offers businesses discounted “validation” tickets to hand out to loyal patrons. Whether parking on-street or in one of our municipal facilities is best, please see below for parking options available to Hoboken business owners and employees.

On-Street parking options for businesses

Municipal garage/lot parking options for businesses

Detailed description of On-Street parking options for businesses

HPU provides the following information as a convenience to you in lieu of having to read the official City Code Chapter 141A “Parking Permits.” For the most part, everything you need to know about getting and using a permit is here for you. Please note that in any case where this information contradicts or lacks specificity that is otherwise provided in the City Code, the City Code is correct and this document is not. We hope this is helpful!

  • Business Parking Permit (Permit Symbol: B): Owners and employees of businesses located in Hoboken who display this permit may park in “Permit Parking Only” (white sign) zones during their regularly scheduled working hours without limitation except during posted street cleaning periods or temporary/emergency restrictions. This permit does not allow parking in “Resident Permit Parking Only” (green sign) zones, with the exception of employees of the Hoboken Board of Education, non-profit organizations, and emergency response personnel who are eligible for an endorsement to park on both sides of the street for an additional fee. A maximum of two (2) vehicles may be assigned to a Business parking permit; however, only one (1) vehicle may be parked in the city at a time. Business parking permits are issued to owners or employees of Hoboken businesses a monthly, quarterly, or annual rate as a placard for a maximum the employment contract term, renewable annually. The standard fees are $50/month, $100/quarter, or $200/year. Business parking permits expire at 11:59PM on the last day of their validity. Click here for FAQ’s. Documentation Requirements (see requirement code explanations): [NB, ND, or NE] AND [VN].
  • Pay Station Smart Cards: (To pay for metered parking without coins or credit cards) Hoboken recently replaced 960+ traditional single-space coin-only parking meters on commercial streets with nearly 150 state-of-the-art multi-space parking meters (“pay stations”) to make parking in the metered parking zone more convenient and less confusing. This option is for individuals who regularly park in metered areas of the city and don’t want the hassle of paying with coins or waiting for credit card processing Smart cards allow for any amount of money to be loaded onto the card and are instantly charged at the meter; they are the fastest way to pay for parking at pay stations. Smart cards are available to the general public and may be purchased online or at HPU during regular business hours and are ready for use immediately upon activation.
  • Temporary No Parking (TNP) Signs: These signs are available to the general public for reserving specific on-street spaces for commercial vehicles or containers involved in moving, large deliveries, contractor activities, or approved special events. TNP signs are sold Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 4pm as well as Saturdays and certain holidays between 9am and 1pm, in increments of 4, 8, 12, and 24-hours for $10.00, $15.00, $30.00, and $40.00, respectively. Requests for TNP signs in excess of 24 hours must be made in person at HPU. TNP signs must be ordered a minimum of 72 hours in advance of the time you wish to reserve on-street space(s). Temporary no parking sign purchases for Saturdays and holidays must be made at least one (1) week in advance of the desired posting time. TNP signs are for commercial vehicles and therefore may not be purchased for personal vehicles. Each TNP sign reserves approximately eighteen (18) feet of on-street curb length (NOTE: Due to numerous street appurtenances and regulations, this estimate is neither exact nor guaranteed; you are strongly advised to be conservative with your needs estimate). For all vehicles equal to or greater in sizes than small moving vans/trucks, a minimum of two (2) signs is required. When ordering TNP signs, the exact number of signs and the exact street addresses (start and end points) must be provided to our Customer Service Representatives; if you are unsure of this information, please call or speak to HPU staff before placing any orders . TNP reservations do not exempt vehicles from street cleaning or emergency regulations. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that signs remain posted throughout the 48-hour advance warning period and to notify HPU if signs have been removed by weather and/or vandalism. HPU does not guarantee cars will not be parked at the time signs go into effect, but we will make every attempt to enforce with towing when/if this happens. When contact information is available in our records, HPU typically attempts to make “courtesy calls” to owner’s of vehicles parked in front of live TNP signs before towing. Click here for FAQ’s.

Detailed description of garage/lot parking options for businesses

  • Park-and-Work Daily Debit Cards: Merchant coupons have been replaced by park-and-work debit cards. These are for Hoboken business owners/employees who want the most flexible and least expensive way to park their vehicles in a municipal garage and avoid feeding meters or circling the streets looking for parking. Park-and-Work debit cards allow business owners/employees to park in various parking municipal garages around the city at a flat rate for any 12 hour period. The rate is $5/12 hour period. That’s $3.00 less per day than feeding the meters (which is illegal, by the way!). Park-and-Work Daily Debit Cards typically cost $375/year less than parking regularly at metered spaces, and it preserves valuable on-street parking for your customers! (Parking beyond the 12 hour period will result in a charge for the prevailing daily rates for the remainder of the time spent.) Advise staff to leave the meters for your customers and park in a municipal garage. You can apply online for a debit card. After paying a $40.00 application fee, bring a copy of your business parking permit, the receipt for the application fee, drivers license and registration to the parking garage at 215 Hudson Street to pick up the transponder.  Click here for FAQ’s. Documentation Requirements (see requirement code explanations): [NB, ND, or NE].
  • “Park-and-Shop” Coupons (customer garage parking validation): These coupons are for Hoboken business owners to provide loyal customers for free/discounted parking at municipal garages. When they get back to the garage, they simply insert the coupon after their ticket to reduce the parking fee by the amount displayed on the coupon. This system works just like the validation machines except you don’t need to worry about billing invoices being sent to your business by the Utility. “Park-and-shop coupons are sold to Hoboken businesses at one-half the face value. “Park & Shop” coupons can be purchased by business owners at the Hoboken Parking Utility during regular business hours.Documentation Requirements (see requirement code explanations): [NB or ND].
  • Business Monthly Standard: This option is for non-residents who want the flexibility to park their car in a municipal garage at any time, or who do not use their car frequently and therefore want to park their car for extended periods of time without the hassles of on-street parking. Non-residents may park their car in unreserved spaces of the garage 24/7 on a first come-first serve basis. Documentation Requirements (see requirement code explanations): [NS].
  • Business Monthly Limited: This option is for non-residents who drive to Hoboken on a daily basis and park their car during standard business hours. Business Monthly Limited customers may park their car in unreserved spaces of the garage during the hours of 6:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday. Business Monthly Limited customers are granted two days per month in which they can be in the garage outside the 6:00 am to 6:00 pm M-F limits; additional hours beyond this two day per month allotment are charged at the posted hourly rates upon exiting the garage. Documentation Requirements (see requirement code explanations): [NS].
  • Business Monthly Reserved: This option is for non-residents who want a reserved parking space in a municipal garage that may not be occupied by anyone else. Non-residents may park their car in their reserved space of the garage 24/7. Documentation Requirements (see requirement code explanations): [NS].
  • Business Monthly HUMC: This option is for employees of Hoboken University Medical Center (HUMC) who want to park their car in a municipal garage during their working hours. Hospital employees may park their car in unreserved spaces of designated garages during working hours only on a first come-first serve basis for a maximum of 56 hours per week. Use of this option when not “clocked in” working at HUMC or in excess of 56 hours per week is strictly prohibited. Documentation Requirements (see requirement code explanations): [NH].