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  • Never worry about finding a parking space again.
  • Never worry about street cleaning again.
  • Never worry about insurance, oil changes, or paying for gas ever again.
  • Save thousands of dollars per year.

How? Hoboken’s Corner Cars.

Corner CarsDo you own a car in Hoboken but commute daily by transit, bus, bike, or walking? If you are like thousands of other residents, you move your car for street cleaning or pay high rates to park in a garage. You take your car for groceries, or to visit family, or to go to the beach. Other than that, your car sits around for days or weeks costing you money and just getting old. Well now there’s a great alternative that makes a car available to you whenever you need it, whether it’s for an hour or a week, and only costs you for the time you use it. You could potentially save thousands of dollars per year and have the convenience of a car always parked nearby in a reserved space. In Summer 2010, The City of Hoboken rolled out its biggest effort to improve parking conditions in Hoboken yet, saving participating residents thousands of dollars in the process. Corner Cars are a pool of vehicles made available to residents who sign up that are shared so that they’re used as often as possible. This means that instead of owning a car, you share a pool of cars with other residents.

How Do I sign Up?

The Corner Cars program is operated by Hertz through the “Hertz 24/7″ service. Sign up at

How Do Corner Cars Improve the Parking Situation?

Surveys have shown that for each of these vehicles in Hoboken, over 17 households have given up their cars! An additional 20 or more households have said they delayed or avoided buying a car because of access to these cars. So, every time we put one of these cars on the street, we’re reducing demand for parking. The first wave of this program includes about 50 Corner Cars, so we expect to see over 750 cars removed from the streets!

How Does the Corner Cars Program Work?

Simply sign up for the program and receive a membership card. Reserve cars online or by phone by the hour, and then walk to your car’s parking space on-street when you want it. Wave your membership card over the windshield and the doors unlock; the keys are already inside. Fasten your seatbelt and away you go! Return the car in the same location when your reservation is over and you’ll be billed automatically.

Where are Corner Cars?

The Corner Car locations are displayed on the map below. More than 90 percent of residents will live within a 5 minute walk of at least one location.

View Corner Car Locations in a larger map

Frequently Asked Questions

When are Corner Cars Available?

Cars will be rolled out during June and July, 2010. Once they’re on street and you’re signed up as a member, you can check availability online or by phone to see where and when cars can be used. If we get to the point where all cars are in use in a regular basis, we will look to add more cars to the program.

Who owns the cars?

Hertz owns, maintains and insures the cars.

Who is responsible for servicing the vehicles?


Under who’s insurance are the cars covered?


Is there a vetting process for membership that investigates driving records, insurance records etc?

Yes, applicants must have a good driving record to qualify for membership.

How will these corner cars be parked so as to not cause hazards and limited visibility at intersections?

They will actually improve visibility by being located as a reserved space at the last legal parking space on the block. Orange poles will be placed beyond them to prevent illegal parking closer to the corner.

How will the street around the vehicles be cleaned?

Connect by Hertz is responsible for and has agreed to keep the area around the vehicles clean through a three step approach:
1. Hertz performs regular maintenance and cleaning of their vehicles every 2 weeks. The timing of this maintenance will be coordinated to coincide with street cleaning times so the vehicles are being maintained and off the street during street cleaning.
2. Regular use of the vehicles by residents will often result in the cars not being parked when street cleaning occurs.
3. If the above two approaches are not sufficient, Connect by Hertz has agreed to manually clean the area around the vehicles.

Will the parking placement be past the 25′ required by law?

Parking placement will be in compliance with all state and local laws.

What are the hourly rates?

During the week, rates start from $5/hour for a Smart Car to $14/hour for higher tier vehicles. Weekend rates are slightly higher, with a maximum of $16/hour.

Do the Corner Cars have Hoboken residential parking permits?

No, they have temporary permits and are only allowed to park on that side (white sign) of the street. If you are a resident and wish to be able to park a rented corner car on the resident side of the street during your rental period, you may purchase a temporary permit from the parking utility with a “special endorsement” stamp that allows the user to park any rental vehicle on both the visitor and the resident side (green sign) of the street.

Why are Corner Cars registered out of state?

Corner Cars are always placed on the visitor side (white sign) of the street; Hoboken residents who can demonstrate their residency are similarly allowed to keep vehicles registered out of state (but in their name) on this side of the street with a Temporary parking permit.

The in-state registration requirement for a Resident parking permit is the method settled on by the Hoboken Parking Utility to confirm that residents are the primary operators of specific vehicles. Without this requirement, attempts are made regularly to “sneak” other cars into Hoboken that are oftentimes not truly the primary vehicle of the resident.



  • ZipCar – there are more than 20 ZipCars in municipal garages, and many more in private garages and lots around the city. You can be a member of both ZipCar and Corner Cars if you’d like. While Corner Cars are located on-street, ZipCars are parked off-street in lots and garages.

Car Rental

Traditional car rental is another alternative to owning a car and searching to find parking.