Extended Parking Zones

New Jersey state law previously prohibited parking within 25 feet of intersections and 50 feet from stop signs on inbound street sections, however a recent change lets municipalities create parking closer to intersections and stop signs when school is not in session.

As a result, the Hoboken City Council recently amended the City Code to establish “Extended Parking Zones,” permitting residents to park 15 feet from crosswalks on “outbound” street segments and 25 feet from crosswalks on “inbound” street segments during certain times. “Outbound” and “inbound” street segments are the portions of the street that permit a vehicle to drive away from and towards an intersection, respectively.

Parking in “Extended Parking Zones” is not permitted between the hours of 7am and 7pm on days when public schools are in session. To maintain clearance for emergency response vehicles, any vehicle parked closer than 15 feet from a crosswalk is subject to summons and towing if it is determined that it could impact emergency response times. Please refer to the diagram below for examples of parking that is permitted and not permitted (Click here to download a pdf version of the Extended Parking Zone diagram). The complete language from the City code is also included below.

Parking near corners along inbound legs blocks visibility between pedestrians, bicyclists, and oncoming vehicles, posing a serious risk to all.

Extended Parking Zone Diagram


“Extended Parking Zone” City Code

The following article is hereby added to chapter 190 in its entirety as follows:

Article XXXIV “Extended Parking Zones”
190-53: Definitions

  • Inbound Leg: The roadway segment connected to an intersection, or portion thereof, that permits a vehicle to be driven towards an intersection in accordance with the legally established direction of traffic.
  • Outbound Leg: The roadway segment connected to an intersection, or portionthereof, that permits a vehicle to be driven away from an intersection in accordance with the legally established direction of traffic.
  • Travel Lane: The section of a roadway’s width that is intended to conduct the flow of moving vehicular traffic.
  • Parking Lane: The section of a roadway’s width, typically no fewer than 7.5 feet, located between a Travel Lane and a curb that is reserved for on-street parking, where designated, and does not interfere with the safe and efficient flow of moving vehicular traffic in a Travel Lane.
  • Crosswalk: That part of a roadway at an intersection, either marked or unmarked existing at each approach of every roadway intersection, included within the connections of the lateral lines of the sidewalks on opposite sides of the roadway measured from the curbs or, in the absence of curbs, from the edges of the shoulder, or, if none, from the edges of the roadway; also, any portion of a roadway at an intersection or elsewhere, including mid-block crossings, distinctly indicated for pedestrian crossing by lines or other marking on the surface.190-54: Regulations for Extended Parking Zones

A. Pursuant to NJSA 39:4-138.6, “Extended Parking Zones” are hereby established as the area in a parking lane no closer than 25 feet from the crosswalk along Inbound Legs of intersections, and no closer than 15 feet from the crosswalk along Outbound Legs of intersections, measured from the edge of the crosswalk area furthest from the center of the intersection.

B. Vehicle may park in Extended Parking Zones subject to the following:
1. Vehicles in Extended Parking Zones shall at all times comply with all other parking regulations, including but not limited to regulations on parking permits, street cleaning, and parking along emergency snow routes;
2. Parking within Extended Parking Zones shall not be allowed Mondays through Fridays between the hours of 7:00am and 7:00pm whenever public primary or secondary schools are in session.

C. Due to the extreme difficulty and delay of maneuvering emergency equipment at intersections, any vehicle parked within the Extended Parking Zone closer than 15 feet of the crosswalk at any time and for any duration shall be subject to immediate summons and tow by city enforcement staff.

D. The City of Hoboken shall not be required to install or maintain any markings, signs, or other indications for Extended Parking Zones; it shall be incumbent upon the driver to ensure that no vehicle is parked within 25 feet of a crosswalk on Inbound Legs and within 15 feet of a crosswalk on Outbound Legs of intersections at any time.