How to (Almost) Never Get a Parking Ticket in Hoboken

Contrary to popular opinion, the Hoboken Parking Utility (Utility) would be most happy if we didn’t have to issue parking tickets to residents and visitors. Aside from expired meters, the majority of parking tickets in Hoboken are issued for either of two reasons: Interfering with public safety or not having the proper permit displayed on your vehicle. If these infractions were eliminated, then public safety would be dramatically improved and residents would have a much easier time parking their cars. If you’ve ever felt that no matter where you park in Hoboken a ticket is unavoidable, the Utility offers the following tips to help you avoid most circumstances where drivers inadvertantly break the law and receive summonses.

1.Don’t park in or too close to crosswalks

Did you ever see the sticker on the back of large trucks that says “If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you.”? The same line-of-sight argument is true for drivers and pedestrians. If vehicles are parked in or too close to crosswalks, then drivers cannot see pedestrians entering crosswalks until it’s too late, and vice versa. That’s why there is a state statute that prohibits parking within 25 feet of crosswalks, and of course in them as well. In Hoboken, we have “Extended Parking Zones” that allow for parking within 15 feet of crosswalks at some locations at certain times. This is why some curbs are painted red AND yellow (learn more about Extended Parking Zones and the meaning of the various curb colors). With the extremely high volumes of pedestrian traffic in Hoboken, enforcement of this law is especially important. We all agree that a good parking space is tough to come by in Hoboken, but convince yourself now that any curb space less than 25 feet from the crosswalk (and depending on the situation, 15 feet) is certainly not safe parking found. Don’t look for white marks on the curb and don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re ‘not that close’. The fee for this violation is a painful $54.00.

2.Don’t park in bus stops, fire zones, taxis stands, shuttle bus stands, or loading zones

As tempting as they are, these spaces are reserved for various vehicular groups and, if illegally occupied, pose a significant safety concern since blocking these spaces force these designated activities to occur elsewhere. If your eyes are lured to these spaces, push yourself to drive away!

3.Don’t park without a proper permit

Although seemingly confusing at first, Hoboken’s parking policies are rather simple. Aside from metered zones, there are only two types of parking zones: Permit parking (white sign) and Resident Only permit parking (green sign). If you are not a resident with a Resident permit, you can prevent the miserable experience of being ticketed and booted by not parking on the green sign side of residential streets at all costs. On the white sign side of residential streets, you can park for free up to four hours without any permit, but after that please make sure you or your Resident host has visited the Utility to get the appropriate permit; otherwise, it won’t be one of your better days. And just in case you’re curious, the white sign sides of streets throughout the entire city are considered all one zone, so moving your car to the next street after 3 hours and 59 minutes means you still have only one minute left to park for free in Hoboken.