Temporary No Parking Map (beta)

The map below displays where there are “Temporary No Parking” restrictions. Red indicates areas currently in effect. while yellow indicates scheduled no parking within the next 7 days.


Text parking followed by a Hoboken address (e.g.: parking 505 grand st) to 41411 to find out if there is no parking in effect or scheduled within the next 7 days.

Important Disclaimer

This software is considered “beta” and is still undergoing testing. It is provided “as is,” and the information is not guaranteed to be accurate. Street addresses as labeled on the map may not match up with the exact location of the posted signs or may be shifted due to the location of crosswalks, fire hydrants, handicapped parking zones, or other reasons, so this information should be considered approximate only. GPS coordinates may not exactly match physical addresses. Residents and visitors are responsible for observing all posted signs and obeying all parking rules and regulations. This information does not supersede the actual signage posted on the street. Please report any software bugs to