Surrender Your Permit



Turn in your parking permit at the Hoboken Parking Utility and receive more than $200 in rewards.


We all know how much of a hassle it is to own a vehicle in Hoboken. Car payments are costly, insurance rates are high, gas is expensive, and parking is downright frustrating. Perhaps most exasperating of all, the majority of us barely even use our vehicles to begin with! The City of Hoboken understands this and has taken aggressive measures to make life without owning a vehicle a breeze.

Corner Cars
Unless you drive to work every day, you don’t need a car in Hoboken! You can save thousands of dollars each year by giving up the car habit and signing up for Hoboken’s Corner Car program. What is it? The New York Times calls Corner Cars a “bold new experiment” to ease congestion that’s “about as convenient as car rental could ever be.”

Corner Cars are conveniently parked in reserved on-street spaces throughout the city and available when you need them. Once you’re a member (membership is free!) you can reserve any available car online or by phone for one hour or a week or more! Hourly rates begin at $5/hour and vary per car, but one thing is constant: you will save thousands of dollars versus owning a car in Hoboken! Never worry about finding a parking space again! For more info, visit

The Hop
The City of Hoboken provides a community shuttle bus service called “The Hop” within two blocks of almost every resident. Local shuttle bus service is so easy and convenient, you can think twice before getting in the car to get around town. Our mini-transit system is called “The Hop”, because you can easily “hop on” and “hop off” at any intersection along the route. Each of the three Hop routes circuits the city in less than thirty minutes. That means it comes more often than before and is also more reliable. We’ve even put GPS trackers on all the buses so you can see where they are! Visit to track Hop buses and download schedules and maps. Coming Soon: Monthly and Annual Unlimited Ride Cards!

Did you know that U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood recently cited Hoboken as an excellent example of a walkable city? That’s right, your mile-square hometown is perhaps one of the easiest places to get around without a car in the entire country! We are working hard every day to protect pedestrian rights and safety, and to continue to explore ways to make walking the most convenient, enjoyable way to get around you can think of. Walking is healthy, free, and much more fun than driving around searching for parking. So get out from behind that windshield and take to the streets with the most sustainable form of transportation there is: your feet!

The next best way to get around Hoboken after walking is to ride your bike! Bicycling is green, it’s stress-free, and with more and more bike lanes added regularly, there’s no better time to start riding. For decades, streets seem to have been dedicated exclusively to cars, but Hoboken is making a concerted effort to better rationalize this valuable public space. The more people riding bikes in Hoboken, the more drivers will become familiar with them, so your choice to ride helps contribute to the balancing of the public use of our streets. But more importantly, bicycling is by far an easier way to get around Hoboken than driving. Give it a try!

Who benefits from Hoboken’s alternative transportation options?

  • Senior citizens and others on fixed budgets who choose Corner Cars and the Hop as an alternative to the high costs of car ownership.
  • New residents convinced by a realtor to leave their car behind.
  • Current residents who commute to work by train/bus and sell their car in order to save thousands of dollars per year.
  • Residents on a low income budget who lack the ability to buy a car but get the mobility of a personal vehicle through car-sharing.
  • Families who give up a second car now that Corner Cars are available and the Hop can be used to take kids to school locally.
  • Students who use Corner Cars to visit family on some weekends.