Taxi & Limousine Licensing

Hours: M – F, 9 am – 4 pm
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Fax: (201) 239-6625
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The City of Hoboken is committed to providing safe and convenient transportation for Hoboken residents, businesses, and guests. This office licenses and regulates the Taxis and Limousines in Hoboken. If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call.

NOTE: New taxi fares adopted by City Council in 2013 are now in effect.

Taxi Fare Table
Service initiating at Hoboken Terminal taxi stand
$5.00 – 1 passenger
$6.00 – Party of 2 (same destination)
$7.00 – Party of 3 (same destination)
$8.00 – Party of 4 (same destination)
Shared ride, with consent of first rider(s) – no more than one shared ride per taxi
+$5.00 +$1.00 per additional passenger to same destination

Ex: 2 passengers with different destinations = $5.00 + $5.00
Ex: 3 passengers with different destinations = not permitted
Ex: Party of 2 (same destination) + shared ride with party of 2 (same destination) = $6.00 + $6.00
Ex: Party of 3 (same destination) + shared ride with 1 rider = $7.00 + $5.00

Intra-city service not originating at Hoboken Terminal taxi stand
$6.00 – 1 passenger
$7.00 – Party of 2 (same destination)
$8.00 – Party of 3 (same destination)
$9.00 – Party of 4 (same destination)
Shared rides not permitted for fares not originating at Hoboken Terminal taxi stand

Did you know?

It is legal to hail in Hoboken. Contrary to popular belief or common local practice, it is legal to hail a licensed yellow cab (although not limousines) anywhere in Hoboken, not just at the train terminal. There are 65 authorized taxis. Before you enter a cab, make sure you see the circular Hoboken logo and number.

Only one fare per taxi. Taxis may accept only one fare – a person or group of persons going to the same location – per ride. With the permission of the first fare, a second fare may join, but no more. The first rider must be taken to his or her destination first. This rule has been laxly enforced and widely violated in the past, but that is no excuse for continued violations, and the Administration will investigate and take action against all reported violations.

The local fare for yellow cabs is $6.00 or $5.00 from the PATH taxi stand, plus additional fees. The local fare is $6.00, except it is $5.00 for rides originating from the NJ Transit/PATH station taxi stand, regardless of weather or shortage of drivers. Additional fees are permitted for extra passengers and baggage (see below for details). In the past, it has been common for residents and visitors to be grossly overcharged by taxi drivers during inclement weather or high demand. Please report any violations.

Call if you see a violation. Residents who believe there is a violation should immediately contact Jennifer Boehm at the Division of Taxi & Limousine Licensing by calling 201-216-1090 or emailing and providing the time of the incident, the taxi number (or driver’s license number or vehicle plate number), and a description of what happened. Residents are the City’s eyes and ears, and we can only take action if we know there is a problem.

Complaint Forms

Complaint Form

Complaints Enforcement Policy

In addition to active surveillance and enforcement of taxi and limousine regulations on the street, The City of Hoboken Division of Taxis and Limousines carefully monitors and acts on complaints from the community regarding licensed taxis and limousines in accordance with the following policy:

Anonymous Complaints: Complaints submitted anonymously are reviewed and added to the individual driver/owner file. The Division always asks the complainant if they would like to prepare an affidavit to allow the Division to broaden actions taken at this level (see next section). Driver/owner are also given an opportunity to submit their recollection of the events. After a review of all materials, the Division typically issues a warning to the driver/owner and tracks the frequency of complaints regarding the individual driver/owner. If multiple complaints are collected on an individual driver/owner (typically three or more), the Division may choose to issue a summons, suspend, or revoke the active license, depending on the severity and/or details of the complaints.

Affidavit Complaints: All individuals submitting a complaint are offered the opportunity to complete an affidavit expressing a willingness, if required, to testify in court on the issue. In most cases, court appearance is not likely; however, individuals who choose this option make it more appropriate for the Division to take immediate action on the grounds that the complaint represents a major concern and should be resolved more swiftly than via the anonymous method described above. Driver/owner are also given an opportunity to submit their recollection of the events. After a review of all materials, the Division may choose to immediately issue a summons, suspend, or revoke the active license, depending on the severity and/or details of the complaints.

In all instances, disciplinary actions are conducted in accordance with the authority bestowed upon the Division via the Hoboken City Code.

Municipal Code

If you have any questions about our municipal code, please view it directly online. 179A 180A

Did You Know Documents

List of licensed taxi and limousine companies

Rules and Regulations for drivers

Future Inclement Weather and Holiday Enforcement

Taxi Enforcement

Taxi Rates

Maximum Allowable Intra-City Fares
The maximum allowable fare for intra-city taxi service is $6.00, except for taxi service initiating from the taxi stand at the New Jersey Transit/PATH station which is $5.00.

Additional Allowable Fees
1. If cab rides are shared with the consent of the first rider(s), the fee may be increased by $5.00 so long as the second rider(s) is not going to the same exact destination. No more than two paying passengers. The right of the taxicab operator to transport shared rides applies only at taxi stands designated by the City of Hoboken if there are more passengers than available taxis. The first rider must be taken to his or her destination first.
2. If a taxi picks up a party of more than one person at a taxi stand at the New Jersey Transit/PATH station for intra-city travel, the taxi driver may charge an additional One Dollar ($1.00) fee for each person, in addition to the allowable fare of Five Dollars ($5.00). There is no additional fee for children under the age of Thirteen (13) years old.

Allowable Baggage Fees
In addition, there shall be a charge of $0.50 for each bag exceeding two, with which a driver assists a passenger, except that senior citizens shall not be subject to this fee.

Maximum Allowable Non-City Fares
Every driver must have a City approved Rate Book in the vehicle at all times and must use the rates included in the book.

Out of Town –
Port Imperial $17.00
Golf Range $20.00
Chart House $10.00
Lincoln Harbor $9.00

Newport Apartments $9.00
Avalon Cove $9.00
Newport Mall & Area $9.00
Society Hills $25.00
Port Liberty $23.00
Liberty State Park $23.00
Kennedy Blvd. & Montgomery $18.00
Kennedy Blvd. & Communipaw $20.00
New Jersey City University Area $23.00
Greenville Area $23.00
Communipaw & Pacific $17.00
Kennedy Blvd. & Paterson Plank Road $13.00
Communipaw Avenue $23.00
Mc Adoo Avenue $25.00
Danforth Avenue $25.00
Culver Avenue $23.00
Old Bergen Ave. $25.00
Pearsall Ave. $25.00

Columbus Driver Area $12.00
Exchange Place $12.00
155 Washington Blvd. & 100 Warren St. $12.00
4th Street $9.00
7th Street $11.00
Grove St. PATH $12.00
Grand St. & Jersey Ave. $16.00
Grand St. & Pacific $18.00
Pacific & Johnston $18.00
Pacific, Caven Point Road $22.00

Kennedy Blvd. $12.00
Nelson Ave. $14.00
Manhattan Ave & Tonelle Ave. $15.00
Central Ave. $10.00
Palisades Ave. & Sherman Ave. $8.00
Journal Square $13.00
Court House $11.00
Congress & Central Ave. $9.00

Ranges from $23.00-$24.00

American Can Co. $20.00
Broadway & Westside Ave. $21.00
Marion Garden Area $22.00
Montgomery & Westside Ave. $23.00
Belmont & Westside Ave. $24.00
Ranges from $23.00-$25.00
Ranges from $23.00-$25.00
Ranges from $23.00-$25.00

Brown Place & Garfield Ave. $27.00
Neptune Ave. & Garfield Ave. $27.00
Seaview Ave. & Garfield Ave. $27.00
Gates Ave. & Garfield Ave. $27.00
Merrit St. & Garfield Ave. $28.00
Schley St. & Garfield Ave. $28.00
Samson St. & Garfield Ave. $28.00
Shaffer St. & Garfield Ave. $28.00

Palisades Ave. (Not above 5th St.) $9.00
Palisades Ave. & 18th St. $10.00
Palisades Ave. & 23rd St. $11.00
Paterson Plank Rd. & 2nd St. $10.00
Central Ave. & Summit Ave. $12.00
Union City Reservoir &Gregory Commons $10.00
Troy Towers $10.00
22nd Street & Kennedy Blvd. $12.00

19th Street $9.00
The Shades $9.00
700 Blvd. East Apts. $9.00
Bonn Place $11.00
Fulton Street $12.00
50th Street $16.00
60th Street $18.00
67th Street $20.00
75th Street $22.00
85th Street $24.00
Nungesser’s $28.00

10th Street & Kennedy Blvd. $12.00
22nd Street & Kennedy Blvd. $13.00
32nd Street & Palisade Ave. $12.00
32nd Street & Bergenline Ave. $13.00
43rd Street & Hudson Blvd. $15.00
50th Street & Hudson Blvd. $17.00
57th Street & Hudson Blvd. $18.00
65th Street & Hudson Blvd. $20.00
70th Street & Hudson Blvd. $21.00
76th Street & Hudson Blvd $23.00
85th Street & Hudson Blvd. $25.00
Nungesser’s $28.00

15th Street & Paterson Plank Road $13.00
39th Street & Hackensack Plank Road $17.00
Paterson Plank Road & Tonelle Ave. $19.00
5 Corners North Bergen $15.00
50th Street & Tonelle Ave. $23.00
67th Street & Tonelle Ave. $25.00
76th Street & Tonelle Ave. $27.00
85th Street & Tonelle Ave. $29.00
91st Street & Tonelle Ave. $30.00
Dan Kelly’s Hill $30.00

Pier 1 & 2 Guttenberg $22.00
Pier 7 & 9 NYC $22.00
Lever Brothers $24.00
Barretts $24.00
Ford Pier $26.00
Alco Plant $28.00

Bayonne Naval Base $33.00
32nd Street & Broadway $33.00
22nd Street & Broadway $35.00
5th Street & Broadway $38.00
Bergen Point $38.00
Texas Oil $38.00
Tydol or Bayonne Warehouse $38.00
Terminal & Metropolitan Oil Co. Gate Only $38.00
Standard Oil Co. Gate Only $38.00

Meadowlands Hospital $25.00
JC Medical Center $16.00
Christ Hospital $9.00

Penn Station $40.00 plus tolls
Grand Central Station $45.00 plus tolls

Newark $45.00 plus tolls
Teterboro $40.00 plus tolls
Kennedy $90.00 plus tolls
La Guardia $70.00 plus tolls

Meadowlands Arena $40.00