Emergency Notification System

In our efforts to provide more reliable communications with residents and businesses, the City of Hoboken has implemented Swiftreach Networks as our Emergency Notification service provider (please note that this is separate from the Nixle service, which is primarily focused on non-emergency notifications and news).

Swift911™ is a high speed notification program with the capability of delivering recorded warnings to the entire community, via telephone, email, text or pager. The system can contact up to four telephone numbers until reaching the designated party. Emergency messages are able to reach TTY (teletypewriter) phones used by those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Additionally, the system employs a Do Not Call component for those who do not wish to receive the alert.

The Swiftreach Network Data has been provided by a third party data provider and only includes listed phone numbers in the City of Hoboken. It is important for residents and business owners to provide contact information such as unlisted, unpublished or cell phone numbers. Accurate numbers in the database help to ensure emergency information will be passed on to everyone in a timely manner.

If you would like to provide an alternate number other than your home number you may also do so. The alternate phone number would be called if your primary phone number is not answered by a person or answering machine. Please note that even if you include your mobile phone number as one of the four phone numbers, you must still include your mobile phone number in the Text/SMS Information section if you wish to receive notifications via text message.

If you are not receiving these calls, please fill out the form below to add or update your contact information. You may also remove yourself from our lists.