Hoboken Sustainability Survey

The City of Hoboken has retained the services of Natural Systems Utilities, Chartier Sustainability Group and Rutgers University (aka the Project Team) to prepare a Green Buildings and Environmental Sustainability Plan Element of the current Master Plan.

Sustainability strives to enhance environmental, economic and social well-being without degrading current or future resources.  A Green Buildings and Environmental Sustainability Plan Element explores long-term and short-term goals to improve a City’s quality of life, resiliency during emergencies, and to operate a City more cost effectively.

This survey is the first step in preparing a Sustainability Plan for the City of Hoboken, as it will develop a baseline assessment of needs and priorities within the community.

Your feedback will help! Please take a few minutes to respond to the survey. After the first few questions you will have an opportunity to answer a longer questionnaire should you choose to provide more feedback.

The survey will be available for approximately 3 weeks on the City’s website and a summary of the results will be available at a public workshop. Details will be announced shortly. Please check the city’s website for information. Thank you!