Sustainable Hoboken


Increase Energy Efficiency – Decreasing City-wide energy consumption by promoting energy conscious lifestyle habit.
Minimize Waste Stream – Reduce the volume and toxicity of solid waste into landfills and close the recycling loop.
Encourage Sustainable Land Use and Development – Manage development and redevelopment in a way that is more protective of the environment and more livable for residents;
Mitigate Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Air Quality Impacts – Improve air quality by reducing emissions that impact air quality and public health;
Advance Sustainable Job Creation – Develop environmentally sustainable initiatives which retain and expand local businesses;
Engage Hoboken Community in Sustainability Initiatives – Provide education, resources, and outreach to residents that broaden our community-wide understanding of sustainability.
Reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) by Encouraging Walking, Bicycling, Mass transit, and Car Sharing – these efforts help reduce emissions and local pollution, decrease parking demand, and improve safety for all Hoboken residents.

Sustainability Projects

Single Stream Recycling
In April of 2011, the City of Hoboken began its transition to Single Stream Recycling. Recyclables (paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, aluminum, and tin) are all to be placed to the curb together on Tuesday and Thursday Evenings after 9 pm. The new process allows Hoboken residents to recycle plastics #1 – #7 and rigid plastics, like toys and laundry baskets. Plastic Bags, wrap, and styrofoam are still not allowed in with curbside recycling. Recyclables are to be placed loose in the same covered container and NOT IN PLASTIC BAGS. If you bring down your household recycling in a plastic bag, empty the bag into the recycling container and throw the bag in the trash or recycle the bag at a supermarket where plastic bags are collected. Cardboard can be tied or placed out in a cardboard box next to the container if necessary. Recycling containers are available at the Municipal Garage and Recycling Depot at 256 Observer Highway.

Recycling Depot
Residents are welcome to drop off their paper, cardboard, plastics, glass bottles and jars, TVs, monitors, computers, yard waste, motor oil, oil filters, anti-freeze, metal furniture and appliances at the Municipal Garage and Recycling Depot located on the corner of Willow Ave and Observer Highway (256 Observer Hwy) from 9am – 4pm Monday – Friday and 9-11am Saturday.

Farmers’ Market
For 15 years the Hoboken Farmers’ Market has been a part of the Hoboken community. Three years ago a second, uptown, market was added. The Hoboken Farmers Markets provide residents with fresh and locally grown produce. They provide small New Jersey farmers with an outlet to sell their products. The markets also provide a twice a week community event where people trade recipes, smiles, and thoughts while filling their baskets with Jersey Fresh produce.

According to a survey done as part of Hoboken’s Community Forestry Management Plan, Hoboken has approximately 1,900. Over the past two Springs, The City of Hoboken, the Shade Tree Commission and their supporters have planted an additional 175 trees. The City, with the Shade tree Commission, is currently working on a digital tree inventory to track tree health and hazards, and to help develop a Canopy Goal for the future.

Fleet Inventory
The City of Hoboken has begun logging and tracking the fuel usage and efficiency of the municipal fleet. Electric vehicles have been purchased by the Transportation and Parking Department. Higher efficiency and alternative vehicles are being researched, including hybrid and bio-diesel vehicles.